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EthnoFrance: MERCI !

Merci à tous d'avoir répondu présents pour cette belle aventure qua été le projet EthnoFrance !Pour retrouver photos, vi...

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EthnoFonik #6 : 24 novembre - 3 décembre 2016

Connecting Throught traditional Music Musiques traditionnelles - rencontres actuelles Du 24 novembre au 3 décembre 201...

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Folk It Up en ligne

Folk it Up le film, signé Chloé Shmrkolj, filmé à l'occasion de l'Ethno 2010, est en ligne depuis cette semaine.

Folk It Up

Film de l'Ethno france 2010

Chloé Smrkolj

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For several decades, Europe is seeking its unity with the various communities that compose it. For the first time in France, the experience of Ethno was conducted, where the younger generation of five European countries have coexisted for two weeks to exchange information about their traditional music.

Slovenia, Estonia, France, Sweden and Cyprus, respectively embodied by a character. This exchange is fast outstripping the mere folk context to enroll in the emulsion for an identity and a new unit.

That is what Chloé SMRKOLJ, who followed this adventure, shows us through the realization of her first documentary "Folk It Up !".

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